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Samurai Jack Season 2 Episode 10

Aku has his most powerful minion, Demongo, find jack and capture his essence. Jack is no match for Demongo, because Demongo has the essence of thousands of great warriors, and can summon them from skulls to fight for him, and since essence cannot die, whenever Jack kills a warrior, Demongo can bring him back. Jack realizes he must free the essence from Demongo. Jack hitches a ride on a warrior’s essence into Demongo’s body, and sees all the warriors, each trapped in a circle of fire. Jack destroys the circles and frees the warriors, who then surround a powerless Demongo as Jack walks away. Later, Aku is holding Demongo, trapped in a giant skull. Demongo begs Aku for forgiveness.

Episode Title: Jack versus Demongo, the Soul Collector

Air Date: 2002-09-20