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Samurai Jack Season 2 Episode 13

Jack’s enjoying a nice, quiet day by the riverside… until a band of transforming biker-bots nearly runs him down, wrecking his precious sandals in the process! The bots proceed to inflict some serious property damage in a nearby city, and Jack rushes off to stop them, and get some payback for the destruction of his sandals… but it seems he’s having a bit of trouble doing that in his bare feet! The thugs find his display laughable, and drive off. Jack then encounters a shoe-store owner, who congratulates him for standing up to the biker-bots, and offers to supply him with a set of replacement footwear. Jack tries out all kinds of shoes and boots, but nothing seems to suit him, or be much of a help in defeating the biker-bots. Then he receives a little hospitality from a young Asiatic boy and his family… not to mention a new set of sandals from the boy’s father! Jack then proceeds to track down the bikers and beat the tar out of them.

Episode Title: Jack's Sandals

Air Date: 2002-10-11