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Samurai Jack Season 3 Episode 8

Jack finds a swamp where a foul-tempered hermit answers his call. The wizard tells Jack of the titan Chronos and his powers over space and time, now locked within three pieces of armor set with gems.

Three trap-solving sequences follow – the helmet is hidden in a water trap, one gauntlet in a volcanic air trap, and the second gauntlet in a lens-dome. Jack manages to defeat all three traps and Aku uses the armor/gems to summon a time-space-monster to kill Jack.

Jack realized that it had been a trap all along and took one of the gems, causing the creature to fall apart, and then goes after Aku. Jack manages to slice and dice his way through anything Aku throws at him with surprising ease – Aku flees as a triumphant Jack speaking of how the future/past holds his victory.

Episode Title: Jack and Swamp Monster

Air Date: 2003-05-10